Call at our Support Desk for Assistance in case of Problem Updating/Upgrading Quicken

Quicken is a smart software product that helps you to effectively manage your personal financial portfolio in a secure manner. We endeavor continuously to improvise our product so that your requirements are never crunched. Upgrading is part of this improvisation cycle and thus considered necessary for every user. However, if you are facing problem updating/upgrading Quicken then give a call to our support technicians who will assist you in the best ways.

Upgrades are programmed in auto mode in the software itself, but difficulties could develop due to various reasons like change in default settings, or the server connectivity or the PC build among others. The support technicians make the diagnosis and guide in a resonant manner. Our customer support desks are kept open round the clock 24×7. We deliver personalized assistance towards all issues including problem updating Quicken.

How can I downgrade Quicken back to previous version?

Thinking of downgrading your quicken version when Facing issues with quicken. Well, it appears to be intermittent. It only happens some of the time with some of the accounts. To downgrade quicken you have to uninstall the current version (for ex-QW2016) and then install your previous version of Quicken.

To retrieve the previous year data Navigate to the QxxFiles folder and open required data files. Now you can download or manually enter the transactions that occurred since you installed the current version.

Update Quicken/Upgrade Quicken by Calling Quicken if you are Unable to do so:

Talk to support executive at given quicken support number if you are unable to update quicken or upgrade quicken to required version.

Phone Number        :       1-844-575-3211

Call Time                   :       Average Wait: 3-5 mins — 24x7

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number to call          :        call via web

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